We are a small camp with a big heart where families, couples and single people are all welcomed. We create the camp together in a beautiful spot in Derbyshire.

This camping experience is excitingly different from normal life. We think this is a fantastic holiday at fantastic prices.

Being in nature and close to the elements, the camp is an opportunity to return home to ourselves. To do what we love to do: to dance, play music, make new friends and to reconnect with old ones, relax, expand, enjoy ourselves... to be together ...to celebrate, sing, learn, share our anxieties and fears, let go, do nothing, play, create... to be ourselves.

And we are much more than a magical Summer camp as the Dance Camp North community gathers regularly throughout the year.

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Dance Camp North 2015

This is a broad field.
Above, hang four skies (at least).
The blue moon swings at one end of the palatial sky - distant enough to be quite ignored by the eternal sun. The gold and scarlet edges of the setting clouds are so tinged with a royal purple hue that the hungry eye is sated and the empty and aching soul is gently replenished.

Alternative culture is difficult by nature.
How could it be otherwise?
Politics is locked out - there are no screens or gutter press. There is no law set in stone - yet these people would not mind that. They have time to carve deeply considered thoughts onto stone. The ever present and involved children know this. No rush to write, recycle and rot. Not when there is jumping, bouncing and the chance to watch adults play properly.


Time spent in creating is playing. This is time spent doing meaningful writing, painting and listening and therefore being fulfilled. Ofsted - you are inadequate. Sorry...

This is a sloping field.
I sleep at the zenith with the crew who are here first. They control the fires and the tides of water - often warm, comforting and ever present.
They also enable cooking, drinking, the sacred smoke and the spark of power. The spark of humour also - and (for they are not at all vain) the toilet and the bin. They toil first and last - but in between they sing and strum and uphold the importance of the soil, the water, the grass,
the sun.
The dance of universal peace and the guitar and drum.

The heartbeat.

It is a flat field, too.
The smallest child is as likely to be listened to as the most elder.
The infant will be heard and offered a chance to be central. The inflated elder may face censure, a put down or a strong dose of the ironic pisstake! However (mercifully) never (ever) will the child face criticism. Children raised like this are wise to the ego and the puffed out chest.

The youths have the exuberance and energy they are entitled to. They are admired and are not envied for their beauty. This is a field of folk that still remember what wet grass feels like on the feet.
They still feel the earth beneath their feet and cleave tightly to the clearly remembered joys of youth.

- a personal view - David


Dancing on the grass
Singing under the stars
Being by the fire

The food was fantastic and the location truly inspiring

DCN is small enough to feel intimate & yet large enough to
create community

Featuring the Dance Camp North Scratch Band and Eva Smith