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August 15th - 23rd 2014
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Permanent HomeOur intention is to locate suitable property with a central building (or land where a building can be made) and create a place where our community can gather and carry out our activities. The main premise will be Permaculture and be environmetally sustainable. We are looking for 20 acres of flat well drained land which will hold camp in a quiet place, not too high with views, some woodland, a water supply and a river or stream Links to friendsWord Icon
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Dance Camp North is a voluntary organisation of people who's aim is to promote and celebrate physical, emotional and spiritual community through the arts and to encourage self transformation through the release of creative energy.

We do this through running a series of events throughout the year supported by its members and facilitated by an on line community through this website and an associated forum.

Our main event is a summer camp in which we build a temporary eco village in a field and camp, dance, sing and make music together for a week. The village comprises circles of tents and dwellings, a cafe, showers, a sauna, marquees, other spaces and open fires. There are singing, dancing and music workshops and activities for children and teens.