DCN 2011 005a

One aspect of camp is about building community, and that happens not only when we play together but when we work together.  So everyone at camp is encouraged to do some work!  This is purely voluntary and is variously been called 'Mucking in', 'Karma Yoga' or just help!!

There are jobs or help needed somewhere every day and these are announced at the camp Gathering each morning.  They are generally simple things such as washing up, helping with a workshop or some shopping.

Some people want to help more, and they can negotiate how that works best for them.  We are able to offer full and half working tickets to be as flexible as possible.  These tickets enable a reduction in fees in exchange for essential jobs and are usually available for adults but there are some suitable for older children.  Working tickets in some areas go quickly, but we usually need extra help on the site crew and in the cafe.

If you would like to work at camp please get in touch using the contact form. You must agree a working ticket before you book.