DCN2006 & Tipi 002

is a place to come for a warm welcome, support and a deep engagement throughout the week.  We provide a beautiful space for meditation and quiet contemplation, workshops, 1 to 1 treatments and a female-only and male-only space to meet - the Moon Lodge and Sun Lodge.

We have a space where members have the opportunity to offer individual therapies such as massage, reflexology etc. to each other; a chance to nourish and support one another.

The Hearth

is a place you can just go and have a cup of tea with someone or you can share what is going on for you. You can do this around the fire or go somewhere more private. How lovely it is to offer this support to our members from experienced listeners.

Our Moon Lodge

is a space for women and girls only. It offers a place for females to come together as they are- to be themselves, connect, support and empower each other, share deeper women’s knowledge, explore our authentic feminine power, acknowledge our wildness, honour our tenderness, dance with nature, create sacred ceremony and ritual.

We experience our co-creativity as the sessions unfold and evolve based on what we each bring and from our collective experience. Spending time in this sacred space is a blessing. In our day to day lives we often neglect this kind of connection that deeply nourishes and awakens us.

Together we aim to celebrate our womanhood in all its aspects and stages of life. We embrace the power of our hearts and intuition. Sometimes our gatherings appear light-hearted; other times, deep and mysteriously magical. Whatever our lives hold when we come together, it takes on a richer meaning and we receive the gifts of being woman.

Sun lodge

The Sun Lodge

is a space for men and boys to retreat to, to meet with others and to share experiences. A meeting is scheduled for an hour or so on most days during the camp.

Meetings are facilitated jointly and organically by all present and a warm, respectful and fertile atmosphere is generated. Each time is an unknown journey and a sense of a deepening brotherhood can unfold as we share our life stories. Sometimes it becomes appropriate to mark points of the stories with ritual, which we devise together. Sometimes joint ritual or ceremony is devised along with women from the Moon Lodge.

Men of all ages, with or without experience of this kind of group, are most welcome to attend any or all of the scheduled Sun Lodge meetings and to use the tipi at other times.