circles and rainbow


Dancing on the grass
Singing under the stars
Being by the fire


At Dance Camp I have been able to find both my voice and movement

Thank you


Along the track
Quiet joy
Then I see
The signs
The footprint
Home to me

Through the gate
The tents
Big tops
So brief
So temporary
And so eternal

Fires and friendships
Love and laughter
A time to pause
To be
To grow
One family in a field


As a first timer, I would say: It was generally a very positive experience, I felt welcomed, I had some great new experiences, some were challenging - but all were good! The food was fantastic and the location truly inspiring. The other thing I really enjoyed was the opportunity to slow down and spend time doing stuff like creative art and drumming that I never seem to find time for in 'normal' life. Thank you DCN !


I discovered DCN in 1997. What I particularly relish is finding somewhere that I can really be myself- it is my TRIBE.

Until then I needed to go abroad to find that feeling of acceptance. So you have saved me a lot of air miles & money.

I just love being among the people of the north - traveling as I do from the home counties where everything feels so proper

I feel age free - no one telling me what I cannot do but encouraging me to do what I feel like doing/being.

DCN is small enough to feel intimate & yet large enough to create community.

There is not anywhere else that I would take a public bathing ceremony!! Or come while on crutches and next year my ultimate goal will be reached when 2 of my granddaughters will be there - Inshallah! Blessings.


For me DCN gets better with each passing year. It enables me to be myself amongst other kindred spirits. There is a real sense of community, sharing and kindness. If there are challenges within the community or on a personal level a way is found through this either as a community or from an individual within in it. For me the dancing is a highlight , I just love it 🙂

Yet there is so much more if dancing is not for you with a wide variety of workshops , a chance to be creative and the opportunity to share should you wish to. You can sing your heart out , chat round the camp fire or eat fab food in the cafe. The place where  children and adults alike have fun . An eco-conscious environment to be free. A place were you can come from and be in your heart as well as your body 🙂


I have enjoyed my holidays at Dance Camp North because of the supportive nature of the people and the way I was able to do as little or as much as I pleased. I very much enjoyed the dance workshops, especially Biodanza, and the musical talent that quite a few of the campers have. I quite often enjoyed some late-night singing in the cafe and some of the spontaneous musical jams. I got on well with the people I shared a camping circle with and had great fun helping prepare meals. I also enjoyed eating in the camp cafe as the quality of food was excellent.



Cake. Comfort. Indulgence. Well deserved. Homely.

When I think back to eating a piece of cake, chosen from the cafe while at camp, my eyes slightly glaze over and I realise that I have a happy smile on my face all of a sudden.

That piece of cake means, in that moment, my priority was me. It means I stopped doing anything else, I walked across the field, I stood in front of the counter and made the exquisite choice between this cake or that cake. Cakes made with love and care in cafe marquee in the middle of a field by one of my dance camp friends, during the magical week that is our summer camp. Full on cakes and free from cakes, every permutation seems to be represented.

Then I'd sit down somewhere, maybe in the cafe, joining some others already there before me. Or maybe outside, sitting round the fire in that age old way that humans have been doing since fire was harnessed by our forefathers. Boy, it tastes good.

I ran a workshop last summer, doing my best to make sure that everyone was happy and knew what they were doing when someone new to camp asked if I wanted a cup of tea and a piece of cake from the cafe. That was so kind, it meant so much. I made sure I reciprocated before the end of camp.

I'm on the organising group, the DG, helping to ensure this year's camp is as special as those that have preceded it. How lovely then, when someone arrives at the meeting with a freshly baked cake and we pause the meeting part way through to put the kettle on, divvy up the cake and kick back for a few minutes.

For me camp and cake definitely go together, they are heavenly intertwined. Blessings on the cake and the cake makers.