DCN 2005 From a distance

We start with an empty field.  Several days before camp, our Site Crew arrive. A temporary eco-village arises. The basic infrastructure of our village - marquees, tipi, café, showers & toilets, the Gate yurt, Creativity & Well-Being tents, the Crèche- all mushroom into existence.

A few days later, the Camp opens. Tents and dwellings multiply across the field; fires are lit & the vibrations of Camp life begin ...

At the heart of Dance Camp North, one of our intentions is to build community. At the Summer Camp we come together in friendship and make our home in Nature. There is an opportunity to slow down, connect and find acceptance with ourselves and one another; to be ourselves and find our own pace. We aim to create a safe space for self-expression, reflection, creativity, communion and even joyful wildness!




We camp together, cook and feast, sit around the fire enchanted by the flames, listening and talking. We engage in a range of marvellous dance, singing and music making workshops, creative arts and crafts and supportive holistic development workshops.

People of all ages and a variety of backgrounds are attracted to Dance Camp North. We welcome families and single people alike. For singles, this is an opportunity to meet like-minded people. For families, a chance to experience a different lifestyle together.

See Bookings for Prices- including discounts for families, young adults, and young people and early booking. Children under 5 years old come free! There are opportunities for working tickets too.

To assist families with small children or single-parent families, we have a crèche for the under-5s where there are people dedicated to looking after the children during workshop times. We also ask the parents to take a turn doing that too!

There is a designated area where teenagers can camp together, provided their parents agree and continue to be responsible.

There are plenty of enjoyable games and creative activities for the children. In these sessions they have the opportunity to express themselves, co-operate & make new friends. Many of the younger children enjoy the trampoline and the climbing frame which evolves through the week.

Away from the working world of business and social pressure, DCN offers the opportunity to explore new ways of being & new activities to try. This is a remarkable holiday in which to experience a different way of life.

Coming to Dance Camp North offers the chance to be yourself.  Modern life can separate us from our roots. We can sometimes lose sight of who we are in the daily pressures of work or bringing up a family. DCN is a place to simplify. DCN provides the opportunity for each member of the community to be more themselves, more joyful, more connected to their heart and to their sense of purpose.

DCN can be a place to make deep and lasting connections.

We also offer tickets for the first weekend too!

Working tickets and early discount tickets are available. See Booking and Working at Camp