Each day is full of activities. There are three main categories of workshops and activities:

  • Celebration- dancing, singing, and drumming
  • Creativity- arts and crafts; storytelling and games
  • Wellbeing- personal development and holistic activities

We’ve made a conscious effort to make the programme as accessible as possible to all whilst recognising that some activities will appeal more to certain groups and ages.

Our exciting and varied programme of activities  includes lots that will be of interest to children and teenagers.

In the Celebration programme we have a number of inspirational teachers offering a whole range of beautiful dance workshops: Dances of Universal Peace, Biodanza, 5 Rhythms, Dance of Life, Movement Medicine, Belly Dancing, Circle Dancing, Disco and many more. These all offer different ways to enjoy and express yourself.  Some centre on spiritual chants from around the world; others around self-awareness and intimacy or finding our wild side.

We have a range of joyful singing workshops too, including Taize chanting, and songs from all over the world. A scratch band and choir will be open to all enthusiastic music-makers and singers. There will be some regular sessions working towards performance, for the cabaret or night café. Remember to bring your instruments.  A number of the dances are accompanied by a live band. Some working tickets are available for musicians. There have been a number of other exciting workshops including drumming and clowning.

In the Creativity area, there are workshops in the mornings and afternoons. This is an opportunity for all ages to try out new things. It is gorgeous to see young and old together, creating mandalas, making pottery, art,  woolen hats, jewellery, doing woodwork, baking and cooking. Often there are collective projects like lantern making for a procession or dance towards the end of the camp.

In the Well-Being area, there are stimulating, innovative and expansive workshops. Recent ones have included  Heart Intelligence, Non- Violent Communication, Self Compassion, Co-Counselling, Nutrition, Indian Head Massage, Alexander Technique as well as Meditation, Yoga & Tai Chi led by  experienced and understanding practitioners. These workshops are increasingly popular. Last year there were some early morning sessions of guided Heart Meditations in the sauna!

Most workshops take place under cover although some are out-doors when we are blessed with good weather. There are also organized games including a Table Tennis tournament. Who will be this year’s winners? There are dressing-up & face-painting resources, storytelling. Occasionally football or volleyball ‘happens’.

The morning Gathering is an important focal point for the Community. A number of things can happen. Starting with a gentle communal connecting activity or one that brings us into the present moment, we then outline that day’s programme of activities. Workshop leaders can describe or demonstrate what they are offering.

The Café menu is announced. Area facilitators can mention practical matters, for example, the next firewood delivery or a request for Cafe volunteers. Often practicalities and ethos are closely connected so conversations can arise. People can express personal difficulties, such as a need for blankets, or express personal celebrations, which are resolved or triumphed as appropriate.

Everyone influences the nature of the Camp. We create it together. An open-hearted willingness to speak and listen compassionately  is one of the cornerstones in community building. Issues that arise can be discussed in an emergent, spontaneous experience of discovery by the members present, often with successful conclusions.

The Gathering often concludes with some fun, a song or a poem.

Market  Day

Bring items or services to sell, barter or exchange on Market Day which is held midweek. Children sometimes run Fairground stalls or make things to sell.


This is an entertaining event for DCN. Most of the community attend & it is often enthusiastically compered.  It is an opportunity to raise funds  for DCN enabling us to enjoy the use of a new marquee and replace other equipment.

During this fun event you can bid for services such as a breakfast in bed, a massage, poetry recital or a serenade, even a weekend away or a trip on a narrowboat. You can be creative with what you can offer and generous in your bidding. Don’t forget items that the children can bid for too!


Sports Afternoon has a different theme each year.  In 2012, we staged the Olympics. There is a variety of races. Fancy dress and face-painting are  encouraged, teams mixed of all ages and ability compete riotously!

The Night Cafe is an intimate space offering late-night music and drumming, cabaret, open mic & games accompanied with hot chocolate, chai and delicious cakes & snacks. Open every evening, the Night Café is situated some distance  from the main camping area in order to minimise noise disruption. Themed evenings from previous camps have included a very successful Blues Night  last year, Pirate Night, Poetry Night and Musicals Night. So bring your ideas and resources (e.g. costumes) for comedy sketches,monologues, stories, poetry songs.

Programme Outline

Here is an example of some of the activities on offer on the daily programme  last year’s.

7.00 Meditation
8.00 Yoga, breakfast
9.00 Taize
10.00 Daily Gathering
11.15 - 12.45 Morning workshops eg Dances of Universal Peace;Circle Dance, or Singing /Creative Activities  e.g. Pottery; Cooking
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Sun Lodge and Moon Lodge (men’s and women’s spaces)
15.15 - 16.45 Afternoon workshops eg 5 Rhythyms, or Drumming /Creative activities eg lantern making or knitting hats
17.00 - 18.00 Scratch band rehearsals or Wellbeing- Non Violent Communication or Co-Counselling
18.00 Supper
19.00 Workshops eg Circle dancing, Storytelling
20.15 - 21.45 Main Evening workshop eg Biodanza or Dance for Life
21.30 Night Café eg Blues night, Poetry or Cabaret
22.00 Taize