Though we have currently found a regular location for our Summer and May camp, the principal aim of the Cornerstone Project is still to find a permanent home for our community.

The Project was started because it was difficult finding suitable locations for the Summer Camp and new locations had to be found every one to two years. The camp has now been at its current location in Derbyshire for four years.

The current business plan envisages a property to house a green campsite run on ecological principles. The idea would be to provide enough camping space for the annual summer camp and camps for other organisations as well as temporary or more permanent camping/dwelling. The suitable property would have a central building or land where a building can be constructed.

This would provide a community space for indoor activities, storage, an office, catering to use ourselves and rent to others.

A secondary aim is to provide an intentional community, an eco hamlet for caretakers and eventually others that will be part of a sustainable live in community.

This live in community with the support of other members of the DCN community could develop a permaculture smallholding providing food, fuel and other resources. Other businesses or resources could also be developed ranging from an all year camp site to farm shop, cafe, education centre or a place for therapeutic horticulture.

Keep in touch – if you are interested in this aspect of our community development drop us a line via the contact form here