May Camp Picnic

May Camp is usually held the first weekend of May which includes the May Day Bank Holiday.

Traditionally May Day is the first day of summer, but, whilst May camp represents the start of the camping season for meany the weather can be a challenge.  We have had everything from sleet to sunshine, frost to fog over the years so be prepared with warm clothes blankets and hot water bottles.

The weekend became established in our calendar from our more peripatetic days when we were often on the lookout for a new field and May Camp was a time when we could test one out.  The camp is a generally a smaller affair with one large circle sharing a fire.  If the weather is poor we put up communal shelters, always cooking at least some of the meals together.  Food to share is on the shopping list.  If there is a pub handy, some make use of it!

What we do the rest of the weekend is up for grabs: walks, games, songs round the fire, checking camp equipment and any activities you want to bring.

May Camp 2016 Information here