How DCN works:

Dance Camp North is an annual celebration of life that allows us to explore physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves through the arts. At camp we have workshops in dancing, drumming, music, singing and more—all this together with good food, community and fun! Dance Camp North Ltd is the organisation that makes the camp happen, and only members of the organisation and children / young people accompanying them can come to camp.

This information will help you to understand about DCN Ltd, and it is important that you read it before deciding that you wish to become a member.

Dance Camp North Ltd is a Company limited by guarantee. You can read about our aims and core values here

The Development Group

The work of organising the camp is done by the Development Group. Members choose the group each year at the Annual General Meeting. It includes a Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer and between 7 and 18 other people—all members of DCN.

The group meets at least four, and usually more, times each year. Because the organisation is a Registered Company, some of the Development Group can become Company Directors.

Many day-to-day decisions are made by the Development Group, however DCN is run according to the requirements written in its governing document and the wishes of all its members. So at least two General Meetings, one of which is the AGM, are held each year. These meetings consider matters which are of organisational importance and which define the ethos of DCN. All members are entitled to attend and speak at General Meetings and will be told where and when the meetings are to be held. Additionally, any two members or 10% of the membership (whichever is the greater), have the right to call an Extraordinary General Meeting. Members can, of course, also contact the DG and raise issues with them at any time. One way of doing this is through the DCN internet chat forum.

The principle method of decision-making in DCN is by consensus. All members participating in any decision-making process do so on an equal basis.


is available to anyone—without discrimination by reference to wealth, politics, race, religion, gender, levels of ability or age. Obviously, members must have empathy with our aims and wish to participate in our activities.

All members aged 18 years of age and over pay an annual subscription. In May 2011 the members decided that the annual fee would be £1. That £1 is included in the cost of your camp and you will receive automatic membership when you book. If you do not come to camp but want to be a member, you can subscribe. Use the contact form here to get in touch.  See also the Community Subscription page

Membership for those aged under 18 years of age carries all rights and responsibilities of full membership and is free from annual subscription.


Members who wish to attend camp make a contribution to necessary resources by offering both money and energy to camp. The options are:

  1. to pay the camp ticket price in full plus one working shift (Helping Out);
  2. to pay half of the camp ticket price and work part time during camp;
  3. to work ‘full-time’ during camp.

In addition, there are always plenty of ‘extras’ that need time and energy and everyone is encouraged to help in whatever ways they can throughout the week. Practical involvement is an important part of creating a sense of community and belonging.


Whilst members of the Development Group pay particular details to operational details, all members have a duty of care to all others and are expected to behave in a manner that is considerate of the health, safety and welfare of all.

Children and young people under 18 years of age can attend camp only in the care of an adult member.

In bringing children / young people to camp, members are acknowledging that they remain responsible at all times for the behaviour and safety of the children / young people in their care.  The responsible adult will act as advocate for the child / young person in respect of all matters pertaining to camp.

Additional information and support is available for members in the DCN Ltd Child Protection Policy and Procedures.

To become or remain a member of DCN Ltd, please sign and return the membership form you have received or contact the Membership Secretary for one.  Telephone 07549 247727 or get in touch via the contact form here.

Remember, camp is open only to members of DCN Ltd. and accompanying children and young people.

Membership ends when a person resigns or fails to maintain payment of membership charges or other monies owed to DCN Ltd.  The Development Group has the right to refuse admission to membership.  Should this occur, the applicant has the right to request that their application be considered by the membership at the next Members’ meeting.

Limit of Liability

The personal liability of all members, including members of the Development Group in respect of DCN Ltd, is limited to the annual membership fee. This does not remove responsibility in the event of negligence by any group or individual but it does limit your personal liability to that amount.

As a member of DCN Ltd you undertake to contribute to the assets of the company if it should find itself in the unfortunate situation of being wound up. The amount that may be required will not exceed the annual membership fee, which is currently set at £1.00.

This applies for up to a year after your membership has ended. It applies to debts and liabilities of the Company contracted before you ceased to be a member and to the costs, charges or expenses of winding up.