The Gate is the first place you come to when you arrive. It is a friendly, cosy   place. Good people, warm fire,  tea & biscuits every day of the camp.

It is where you book in and also where you find information about medical and other local facilities.  Here, you find the First Aid kit and a list of First Aiders. It is where we keep the camp phone. The programme of events will be displayed. The daily karma yoga list of little jobs to do too. Sometimes we organize shopping lists and collection from here. On the rare occasions things get wet, the gate can provide a space to help with drying.

The Gate team are the gatekeepers of our sacred space. It is solely our field for the duration of the camp. So there is no entrance to non-members.  We don’t allow visitors so if family or friends want to visit, they can call at the gate and someone will come to find you.  You can then take your visitors away from the field to ensure the continued feeling of safety the rest of the people at camp are expecting.