Exciting News!

We held our AGM last Saturday in Marsden.

The main part of the AGM, apart from some routine legal requirements, is the selection of the next management group which we have called the Development Group (DG).  In the past this has sometimes been an awkward process with people feeling uncomfortable about putting themselves forward and other people frightened they would have too much to do.  This last summer’s camp was organised by 6 people and they did a fantastic job.  Many people had a amazing experiences.  The DG felt the strain all year and some of this was noticed at camp and the members meeting held at camp offered some suggestions which might help.  The DG in the past had comprised of people offering to do certain ‘jobs’ relating to area’s of camp e.g. cafe, wellbeing, gate, etc. People have said these jobs are too big and would be better shared out in smaller groups.  Others have also suggested that the DG meets a lot and the meetings take a long time and can be difficult to get to. Still others suggest that some things don’t need to be looked at all year and can be done during the run up to camp itself, and also dont always need face to face meetings.  There is a sense that camp is being put on for us, but our roots are in being a community and building camp together.  Feedback from this years camp and talking to people has led us to take a different approach.

A new idea called Pools of Interest (POI) was suggested.

These will consist of people, individuals or groups, who want to take a set of tasks in a particular area forward.  That group may or may not have input from the management group, but they will be trusted to get on with the tasks, meet or not meet, add people, invite contributions, sort out their own way and deliver their creation, what ever it might be.  This is a list of the POI she has suggested. 

* Bookings and Finance    * Programme (icl. Wellbeing, Creativity and the main marquees) * Cafe    * Night Cafe    * Promotion, Website and Mem Sec.     * Wellbeing, Gate, Hearth * Creativity    * Site    * Musicians and Scratch Band    * Young People    * Beautifying spaces * Other DCN Events (each event may have its own group!)   
* Special events at Camp e.g. Quiz, Auction, Olympics * Moon Lodge, Sun Lodge, Ceremony.

This is just a starting list. 

Some may not be needed, others may be added, but they all involve you, the members.  You can join or leave, contribute or not, but the idea is that we co-create camp together.  This is exciting because it has a feel of the early days when camp was a bit more turn up and see what happens.

The final piece of the jigsaw is what about the management committee? 

We still need one for the legal purpose of running the Limited Company, but we also have a group of directors.  At the AGM 3 more people we selected to be directors and there are now sufficient directors to form a management committee without the hassle of deciding who has to do what job. The intention is for this group to provide the leadership and support of a group of elders and a heart centred holding role.  Marilyn will continue to be treasurer because this is the only post we need to define. 

So there we are. A new exciting direction in terms of who can contribute their time and energy to organising camp – all of you! The next step is for the directors to meet soon and decide how we can inspire this process among the Dance Camp Membership.  If you are already inspired, please get in touch and let us know what you would like to help create.  We have the experience of 21 camps and many resources already, so lets talk.  Watch out for more information coming your way soon!

Exciting News from the Dance Camp North AGM