Dance Camp North was started in 1996 and has run a summer camp every year since. We have had all sorts of weather in 10 different locations all over the north of England. Each summer has attracted a number of the same people but a substantial number of new people. We all share a week together and each year have promised to meet in between the camps. Centring on West Yorkshire and Lancashire where many of us live we have developed a community spirit which can help maintain the camp magic through the year. We have gradually increased the number of events we put on and have some regulars in our diary for a few years now.

We first added a May Camp. Traditionally this is held on the first weekend of May and is often used to try out a new field we might use for the camp.

The next regular was our Winter Gathering. This was born from our AGM which used to be held in January, but has now been moved to October. We liked the idea of making a whole weekend together rather than just turn up for a meeting and disappear again. The last Winter Gathering had 60 people in a youth hostel in Derbyshire.

Along side these essential regulars we have added a bonfire party, a Winter Solstice party, Spring and Autumn walks, a summer picnic, table tennis, games evenings, craft events and a few others.