Become a Friend of Dance Camp North

A community subscription has been introduced to support the cost of camp and other events. An amount suggested is £1-£5 per month and it will be very appreciated and helpful if you want to commit to more.

There are a number of ways we generate revenue for the running of DCN. Naturally there is revenue from camp, the auction and then finally from the Community Subscription. Dance Camp North benefits in other ways too.  Having evidence of a regular income helps with making financial commitments e.g. renting fields, premised etc. and also when making bids for funding, grants or loans.

Some people are able to give their energy, others financial support, some both.

We invite our members to see this as a voluntary way to contribute financially.

You get the huge satisfaction of knowing that you are contributing to a worthwhile cause that you really believe in. Some people see it as a way of showing commitment and connection even when they cant attend camp. Other benefits are that you don't really notice the small amount leaving your bank account each month!

Use the Contact Us page to ask about subscribing.