Our Children and Young People hold the future of our planet in their hands.

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.

(Kahlil Gibran)

At Dance Camp North children and young people are highly-valued members of our Family in a Field. They remind us how to be spontaneous, playful and in the moment.

Children typically “have a ball” at our Summer Camp. Freed of the, sometimes shackling structures of their normal school routines, Dance Camp is always a liberating experience for them; a time to renew or make new friendships and to develop or learn new skills.

We cater for our Young People in a variety of ways.

Typically during workshop hours we offer a manned crèche for our under 5’s, resourced with age-appropriate books, toys and dressing up clothes.

We also offer dedicated Children’s workshops which usually include a Kids’ Kitchen, drumming and other music-making, storytelling, Well-being, Circle time, jujitsu, gymnastics and circus skills.

Children are also very welcome to participate in the wide range of creative activities (open to all) which are always an important part of camp. In the past, these activities have included making pottery, jewellery and wooden objects, knitting, flag-making and mandala work.


Our Young People also enjoy playing both collaborative and competitive games such as football and volleyball on our Camp Green, “hanging out” on their own climbing frame and swings or taking turns on the trampoline.

Our under-16s also compete in their own table-tennis tournament.

Other opportunities to join in the fun occur during whole camp sessions  include our team “It’s A Knock-Out”/Olympic/school games and during our final night ceilidh- style cabaret and workshop performances. The children are always eager to perform and often amaze us with their singing, dancing, circus, comedic and other skills.

Our Young People are also always well represented on market day when they produce snacks &drinks for the shoppers, sell handicrafts and/ or any unwanted books/toys and games they have grown out of.

Children obviously remain the responsibility of their parents or guardians but help is invariably at hand within the circles or within the crèche for  adults who need some support in order to attend one of the day’s workshops.  

The entire community aims to take care of all of its members including the Children and young people. With this in mind, whenever possible, there will be a named adult, possibly supported by teenage volunteers who will be on call during the main workshops to guide and befriend any child(ren) who may be  struggling to access activities, make friends or deal with issues that have arisen.

If you like working and playing with children, have experience with under-5’s, primary school-age children, in be”tweenies” and/or teenagers and would like to be part of a creative and caring team, do contact us regarding working tickets.