DCN 2010 056

Carito’s Café is staffed by a group of enthusiastic volunteers.

We aim to provide nourishing vegetarian and vegan meals. Cooked with love and served with care.

We will always try to have meals snacks and cakes available that are gluten free, dairy free and nut free, Please come and talk with the Café leader to discuss any special dietary needs.

Small portions are available for children at reduced prices.

The café is open from 8am-12 midnight

  • Breakfast Served 8am-9.45am
  • Lunch Served 1pm
  • Evening meal Served 6pm

During and between mealtimes hot and cold drinks, cake, fruit and snacks are available.

Please bring your own mug, bowl, plate and cutlery for use in the café.

Each Night there will be a theme, this is your chance to join in and contribute to the evening. Themes in the past have included a Games night, Quiz, Blues night, Poetry and Open mic.


Why it’s Carito’s Cafe

Carito had been involved with DCN from the very first twinkle in our creative minds. She was there throughout the planning and manifestation of the very first camp. At 11 she made it her business to welcome campers onto the field and take them to the cafe for tea and cake. As the years passed she was increasingly involved. She was a warm wise presence and she loved working in the Cafe, she loved to feed and nourish people.morewood
She missed one camp when she was on an archaeology dig as part of her uni course but apart from that she came every year. When her mum wasn't coming she chose her own camp loco parentis responsible adults and negotiated with them directly. When she was herself an adult she brought a young neighbour. She believed camp would open the child's heart and mind to a new way of being.
At 23 she was diagnosed with cancer,  she wanted to run the cafe that year, an enduring ambition from her youth. In the end she didn't make it. We named the cafe for her and ran it for her. It is envisioned to be a warm cosy social hub of the camp with delicious food and lots of friends. Carito's cafe is a testament to the liberation and empowerment of all our children in our family. Real work and real participation breeds wisdom and determination.

The footprint logo

DCN FootAnd whilst we are talking about Carito, lets talk about the footprint logo.  Carito's mum says

She always told me that the DCN foot print was her footprint; Robert (another friend) says it is his. 
I think it belongs to each and every one of our children, as they grow in wisdom and strength through our community. Also the footprint belongs to each of our adults as we step up together, to better ways of being together. Building our One Family in a Field as it enriches itself and us from year to year.

Cake. Comfort. Indulgence. Well deserved. Homely.

When I think back to eating a piece of cake, chosen from the cafe while at camp, my eyes slightly glaze over and I realise that I have a happy smile on my face all of a sudden.

That piece of cake means, in that moment, my priority was me. It means I stopped doing anything else, I walked across the field, I stood in front of the counter and made the exquisite choice between this cake or that cake. Cakes made with love and care in cafe marquee in the middle of a field by one of my dance camp friends, during the magical week that is our summer camp. Full on cakes and free from cakes, every permutation seems to be represented.

Then I'd sit down somewhere, maybe in the cafe, joining some others already there before me. Or maybe outside, sitting round the fire in that age old way that humans have been doing since fire was harnessed by our forefathers. Boy, it tastes good.

I ran a workshop last summer, doing my best to make sure that everyone was happy and knew what they were doing when someone new to camp asked if I wanted a cup of tea and a piece of cake from the cafe. That was so kind, it meant so much. I made sure I reciprocated before the end of camp.

I'm on the organising group, the DG, helping to ensure this year's camp is as special as those that have preceded it. How lovely then, when someone arrives at the meeting with a freshly baked cake and we pause the meeting part way through to put the kettle on, divvy up the cake and kick back for a few minutes.

For me camp and cake definitely go together, they are heavenly intertwined. Blessings on the cake and the cake makers.