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Welcome to the on-line booking for Dance Camp North


We need to collect important information to complete the booking process, so please complete as much as possible on the booking form even if you have a full working ticket. You can chose a ticket for the full week or for the first weekend.  It is not possible to book some of your party for each.  Please contact us directly if that is you!

Initially the form shows the required information for one adult, and there are buttons you can use to add either children or a further adult to your party.  The booking process appears a little complicated because there are a lot of choices, but this is to allow as much flexibility as possible for people to match what they can afford with what holiday they want.

We tread a delicate balance between different ways of contributing to our summer camp community: between people who want to pay to come and people who want to work to come, and ultimately we want to break even financially, even though everyone who comes profits!

For more information on working tickets please look at this page here. Working tickets must be agreed in advance.


  Full Week Weekend
  Guest Half Working Full Working Guest Half Working Full Working
Adult £180 £90 £0 £70 £35 £0
Young Adult 18-22 £90 £50 £0 £35 £20 £0
Young person age 16&17 £90 £50 £0 £35 £20 £0
Young person age 5-15 £55 N/A £0 £20 N/A £0
Large Family - £420 - - £160 -
Small Family - £240 - - £90 -
Under 5 - £0 - - £0 -

Prices and totals are calculated automatically as you add people to your party.

* All prices include membership to Dance Camp North.  You cannot attend the Summer Camp unless you are a member.


Early payment discounts of 10% are automatically calculated on your whole payment if you pay before June 15th 2017, and 5% before July 15th 2017.
Family discounts are automatically calculated for large families (with 2 parents) or small families (with one parent). These are only available when adults pay the full price and you will be given the best price for the type of ticket(s) you chose.
At the end of the booking process you can go straight to PayPal to pay, but you will be responsible for the additional charges levied by PayPal. Alternatively you can make a note of the amount due and immediately arrange a bank transfer with your online or telephone bank.

Weekend Tickets

There are a limited number of weekend tickets for the first weekend from midday Friday until tea time on Monday only. Price £70 for adults and £20 per child 5-16 £35 for teens 17-25 and young adults.  They will be popular so please don't delay in getting in touch. Chose the Book Weekend tickets button at the bottom of the page.


All adults participating are automatically become members of Dance Camp North.  As a membership based organisation we have a vision and a set of values you are signing up to by joining us.  You can read more about these here and here.  You can find out more about how the organisation works here.

Before you book

Before you book, you may want to check out more information from these pages:

Start to book on line here

Book tickets for the whole of the Summer Camp

August 18th - 26th 2017

Book tickets for the first weekend of the Summer Camp

August 18th - 21st 2017

To request further information or ask about weekend tickets, please complete our feedback form here.

If you don't want to book on line you can download a booking form here, which you can complete electronically and email or simply post it!  The address is on the form.