Dance Camp North

is a voluntary organisation whose aim is to promote and celebrate physical, emotional and spiritual community through the arts and to encourage self transformation through the release of creative energy.

We do this by running a series of events throughout the year supported by its members. There is an online community available through this website which includes Facebook and a forum.

Our main event is a summer camp in which we build a temporary eco village in a field and camp, dance, sing and make music together for a week. The village comprises circles of tents and dwellings, a cafe, showers, a sauna, marquees, other spaces and open fires. There are singing, dancing and music workshops and activities for children and teens.

Dance Camp North has quite a special way of organising itself. It is a members-only organisation and the members have the power to decide what happens.

Our Core Values are:

Love, Community, Communication, Creativity and Well-Being.

Dance Camp North Ltd is the organisation that makes camp happen.

How DCN works:

DCN is run according to the requirements written in its governing document and the wishes of all its members. Members have the most important role in the decision-making process and share responsibility for decisions taken.

So, at least two General Meetings - one of which is the AGM and a second at camp - are held each year. These meetings consider matters which are of organisational importance and which define the ethos of DCN.

All members are entitled to attend and speak at General Meetings and will be told where and when the meetings are to be held.

Additionally, any two members or 10% of the membership (whichever is the greater) have the right to call an Extraordinary General Meeting.   Members can, of course, also contact the Development Group (DG) and raise issues with them at any time.

Membership is available to anyone, without discrimination by reference to wealth, politics, race, religion, gender, levels of ability or age. Obviously, members must have empathy with our aims and wish to participate in our activities.

All members aged 18 years of age and over pay an annual subscription. In May 2011 the members decided that the annual fee would be £1. That £1 is included in the cost of your camp and you will receive automatic membership when you book. If you do not come to camp but want to be a member, you can subscribe. Use the contact form here to get in touch.  See also the Community Subscription page

Membership for those aged under 18 years of age carries all rights and responsibilities of full membership and is free from annual subscription.

Dance Camp North Ltd is a Company limited by guarantee.